Affiliated Members

Nils-Hennes Stearnhs

(Humboldt Fellow, since January 2022)

Nils-Hennes Stear is a postdoctoral Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Fellow. He works in aesthetics and ethics mostly tackling questions about values, the imagination, and what philosophers call ‘normativity’ in art, art appreciation, and related aesthetic activities. He came to Hamburg for a two year fellowship, to work with Stephan Krämer and the Relevance Project on whether and how an artwork’s ethical properties may help ground some of its aesthetic properties.

Vita Saittavita

(Summer and Winter Term 2022)

Vita Saitta is a PhD student at the University of Genoa (Italy),  which is part of the Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium (FINO). Her main interests are logic, formal epistemology and philosophy of language. In particular, her project is focused on different applications of Truthmaker Semantics to Epistemic Logic. She came to Hamburg to work with the Relevance Group on the Truthmaker Semantics and Logical Omniscience project.


Giuliano Rosella

(Summer Term 2021)

Giuliano Rosella is a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Turin and his PhD project focuses on the logic of causal inference. His fields of interest include Logic, Philosophical Logic and Theories of Causality. He came to Hamburg to visit our team during the summer semester 2021 to work on the application of truthmaker semantics to the logic of causal inference.


Meha MishraDLphotomeha

(Oct 2019-Jan 2020)

Meha Mishra is a PhD student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. Her PhD thesis is called The Study of the Logic of Moral Conflicts. She obtained a three-month scholarship from the University of Hamburg to visit our team during the winter 2019/20 to work on the Formalisation of Conflicting Obligations and Truthmaker Semantics.