Stefan Roski


I am post-doctoral researcher in the Relevance Project, working on the topic of explanatory relevance. Before joining the project, I have been part of Richard Woodward’s group Ontology After Quine and held a position as research associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Hamburg, affiliated to Benjamin Schnieder’s Phlox-Group. In 2021 and 2022 I was deputy chair for Theoretical Philosophy at Saarland University. I rejoined the project on a 50% basis in September 2022. Since then I am also the executive director of the Centre for Philosophy of Science at WWU Münster.

I work on grounding and explanation, and I have a strong interest in the history of philosophy, in particular in the work of Bernard Bolzano and his rationalist predecessors. Recently, I have become interested in understanding and epistemic responsibility. Before coming to Hamburg I held positions and scholarships at the University of Duisburg-Essen, the VU University Amsterdam, and UC Berkeley.  I obtained the PhD with a thesis on Bolzano’s theory of grounding at the VU University Amsterdam in 2014. My PhD-research was part of the ERC-Project “Tarski’s Revolution: A New History”, led by Arianna Betti.