These are workshops and coferences organized by our group on topics of the project.

  1. Varieties of Relevance, Hamburg, 12 October 2018
  2. Truthmaker Semantics, Hamburg, 29-31 July 2019
  3. Relevance, Grounding, and Normativity, online, 8-9 October 2020
  4. Explanation, Relevance and Understanding, online, 1 June 2021
  5. Difference-Making and Explanatory Relevance, online, 12-16 July 2021
  6. Relevance, Explanation, and Ground, online, 17 September 2021
  7. Hyperintensional Formal Epistemology, GAP.11 Satellite Workshop, Berlin, 16-17 September 2022

Other Events

These are events not on topics of the project but organized by members of our group and/or financed by overheads from our project.

  1. Bolzano and Contemporary Metaphysics (organised by Stefan Roski), Salzburg, 12-14 September 2018 (affiliated with SOPhiA 2018)
  2. Public Lecture Series Relevance: The Particular Responsibility of Philosophy during the Crisis? (organised by Singa Behrens), University of Hamburg, Winter Term 2020/21.